Delight yourself in the Lord

Delight yourself in the Lord
and He will give you
the desires 
of your heart.

12 x 12

fabric collage includes
crochet flower
Scrabble letters
hearts collection of
rhinestone bling, metal, shell

includes shipping in US
The Bluebird

The bluebird carries
the sky on his back.

12 x 12

included shipping in US
Best Friends

God mad us BEST FRIENDS because He knew
our moms couldn't handle us as SISTERS. 

12 x 12

includes shipping in the US
Faith & Fancy

'She requires a steady diet of
Faith and Fancy
with a little mischief here and there
for Good measure.'

12 x 12

includes shipping in the US

Baby Shoe Candle
Birdhouse Tassel

~S O L D~

Purple Prayer

vintage lace & jewel

Fabric Collage embellished with vintage piecesPurple Prayer

Butterfly Pillow

Fabric Collage Pillow
(more details)


$5 shipping

Martha Stewart WEDDINGS

over all appearance-nice,
no tears on paper cover,
mositure mark along bottom,
small tape repair on page 266

still overall good condition for a rare find
$71.99 NEW PRICE $65.00
free shipping in the U.S.

NAPCO 1958 "Sue" A3162

3 1/4" tall x 2" base

free shipping in U.S.

Victorian Boot Vase

10 1/2" tall x 9 1/4" long
'Atlantic Mold' on the bottom

Vintage Victorian
Boot Vase

$10 shipping in U.S.

Tom Clark's "MENDY"

'A Carin Studio artwork of Tom Clark's Gnomes collection. This one is "Mendy." Mendy likes to sit close to Thimblena, her mother, when she does the darning for the family.
Thimblena is teaching her how to sew. Mendy wants to be able to help her mother with all the mending. Mendy is sitting on a small sloop and is holding a strawberry pincushion that is used to sharpen needles. Her coin is from Sweden and her hat was a special gift from her grandmother (it was actually my mother's sterling silver thimble.) Mendy and her brother Bobbin always have a double birthday party because they are twins. '
The number for this piece is "59" dated 1989.
Retired in 1997.
(no box or COA paper)
Tom Clark's

free shipping in U.S.

Vintage Chafing Dish

Aqua & White Dish on metal stand
Made in Calif U.S.A. 480-C
Dish from top of knob 5 1/2" x 9"
Stand measures 3 1/2" x 9"

Together 8 1/2" tall
Vintage Chafing Dish
$10 shipping in U.S.

Purple Pansy Garden Artwork

Canvas Board Base 16 x 20
Covered with vintage material
(click on picture to see every detail)

Satin Ribbon & 3 Miniature Metal Frames

Embellished with
Buttons, Beads, Crocheted Work & Ribbon

Little Girl printed on Canvas Paper
Treated Paper Flowers

Purple Pansy Garden
Original Artwork

$10 Packing & Shipping, U.S.